Winterfest at Eastside KIA

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Well ladies and gents it’s that time of year again; Kia’s Winterfest Event at Eastside KIA! With 0% financing on select 2012 / 2013 models why wouldn’t you take advantage of it?



If you purchase or lease a 2012 / 2013 model you also have the opportunity to win $1000 or up to $25,000. Imagine all the christmas gifts you could buy with that; and all you had to do was buy a Kia!

Winterfest offers you the chance to combine these prizes. Not only could you receive 0% financing but you could also win some money!



If you already own a KIA we haven’t forgotten about you. Eastside KIA will give you 15% off Kia’s exciting and stylish accessories and for $69.95 you will receive a complete vehicle inspection for piece of mind on the winter roads.

Kia Canada also wants to help with your tires change over. They will change your tires over from all season to your winter tires while your KIA is in the shop getting inspected.



Whether it be the KIA Optima, the KIA Soul or any other kind of KIA, come on into Eastside KIA for our Winterfest Event and we will help you find your perfect KIA.

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